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When you decide that you want to have your own fish tropical aquariums, one of the most important things that you need to control for your fish is the temperature of the water. One of the primary parameters for the watery environment of your fish is water temperature, and aquarium heaters serve to keep the water temperatures stable. Aquarium heaters are a must to be sure that fish tank water temperatures are stable.

Seasonal fluctuations do effect the water temperature of many natural fish habitats, so many fish species do have a degree of tolerance to fluctuations in water temperatures. But with aquarium-raised tropical fish, it is best to use aquarium heaters to keep the temperatures from fluctuating too much.

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Aquarium heaters are simple and basic devices that generate heat so that proper water temperatures can be maintained in fish tanks. An aquarium heater is actually comprised of two components: the heating element and the thermostat. The thermostat gives you the ability to control the temperature of the water in the tropical fish tank.

Just like the thermostat in your home, the thermostat on aquarium heaters can be set to pre-determined settings for temperature. When the water temperature dips below the thermostat setting, the heating element will turn on to bring the water back to the temperature zone desired for your tropical aquarium habitat. As the temperature of the water rises, the thermostat will also disengage the heating element when the water reaches the proper temperature.

The most common of aquarium heaters use a long glass tube, similar to the shape of a cigar, to house the heating element and the thermostat. Typically the heating element is located at the bottom area of the tube while the thermostat is placed above and is closer to the surface of the tropical aquarium water.

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Aquarium heaters come in a number of different wattage ranges. The wattage of the aquarium heater will determine how much heat can be generated. Of course, this output capacity effects how much aquarium water will be effectively heated, so you must choose the right heater for the size of your tropical fish tank.

There are guidelines printed on the packaging to help you choose the right aquarium heater for your situation. For larger tropical aquariums you may need to utilize two or more aquarium heaters.

It is very important to select high quality aquarium heaters because if they malfunction, the water in your tropical fish tank could either overheat or become too cold. Such drastic changes in the temperature of the tropical fish marine environment can create disastrous consequences for the population of tropical fish in your care.

Recently some of the high-end aquarium heaters have begun to offer five year guarantees, which are effective if the unit is used according to manufacturer specifications and guidelines.

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But, no matter how long the warranty on an aquarium heater unit is good for, it needs to be understood that the manufacturer will only replace the heater if it stops working correctly. No matter what type of guarantee the aquarium heater manufacturer offers, it should be understood that the guarantee does not cover any loss of fish in your aquarium if the heater fails, but only guarantees replacement of the heater itself.

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