How To Choose The Best Aquarium Hood And Lighting For Your Fish Tank

When you're setting up a fish tank, it's important to not only think about the types of fish you want to include or even the size of the aquarium. You must also think about the aquarium hood and the aquarium lighting you'll will need.

Do not get overwhelmed choosing a lighting option for your fish tank. Remember that the deeper your fish tank is, the more intense the fish tank lighting should be. Since light doesn't penetrate water very easily, this only makes sense.

When you're trying to find out which fish tank light is best for you, do some research and talk with your local aquarium experts at the pet store to determine what you will need.

Here are 7 different kinds of fish tank lighting bulbs you can choose from:

* Incandescent Aquarium Bulbs: These bulbs last about 2 to 4 months and usually come in varieties of 7 to twenty-five Watts. Their Kelvin rating depends on the color of the bulb. They provide the benefits of being inexpensive and come in many colors. However, they do put out high heat, are low in intensity and have limited spectrum.

* Standard Fluorescent Fish Tank Bulbs: With a bulb life of 8-18 months, these bulbs sit about average in terms of longevity. They come in choices of 15-40 Watts and carry a Kelvin rating of 3000-20000 (actinic). They are inexpensive, run cool and are available in several different colors and sizes. But, should you have invertebrates and plants, they aren't a great choice for you.

* Compact Fluorescent Tank Bulbs: This typ of lighting comes in 10-30 Watts and the bulbs last 12-28 months. They provide a intence heat to a waide area. There's one draw back, they tend to get extremly hot so should you use this type of bulb you may have to also have a chiller to controll the heat.

* T-5 HO Fluorescent: This bulb has a life of 16-24 months, come as 24-54 Watts and a Kelvin rating of 6000-11000 (actinic). They are great for offering intense light, are long lasting and are cool running. However, they do work best in shallow aquariums.

* VHO Fluorescent Fish Tank Bulbs: This bulb comes with a life span of 4-18 months which makes them potentially long lasting. They can be found from 75 to 165 Watts and carry a Kelvin rating of 10000 (actinic). The downside to the VHO Fluorescent tank bulbs is they do run hot and a lot of them tank owners are forced to use a chiller as a result.

* Metal Halide Tank Bulbs: The Metal Halide bulb will only last 6-18 months but comes in a variety of wattages (from 70-1000). It carries a Kelvin rating of 3000-20000 (actinic), has a wide spectrum of range and offers the highest intensity available. But, there's a possibility of UV radiation with this bulb, it can run hot and it may force you to use a chiller.

* LED Mood Fish Tank Lights: While it's not technically a light source, the LED Mood light or Lunar Light works as a light emitting diode. It mimics nocturnal lighting and has a really low wattage of approximate one.

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