Reptile Habitats And The Creatures Who Call A Terrarium Home

For many people the word reptile or the phrase cold-blooded sends chills down their spine. Others find reptiles to be as cuddly as a puppy and as cute as a kitten. No matter your preference there are unique homes and habitats for every creature on the Earth.

When setting up a special space for your pet you want them to feel comfortable. This is why so many reptile owners choose a terrarium as there pets pad. A terrarium is like an aquarium but designed for natural décor.

There are four layers to a terrarium. Bottom layer is for drainage consisting of pebbles, pea gravel or coarse sand. The next layer is often a thin layer of activated charcoal. This cleans the air of any plant decay fumes.

The third layer consists of sphagnum moss which prevents soil sift. Top layer is soil or sand depending on the resident’s preference. You can choose terrarium plants that are pet friendly along with a rock heater, filter, bedding, a mister and logs.

So you can have a mini rainforest with a tiny waterfall for your frogs or a sandy desert scene for your slithering snake. Take in consideration if your pet is nocturnal or a day crawler.

Also give them something for privacy such as a cave or log for hiding. Don’t forget items for your climbers. Your terrarium will be the envy of the reptile community. For more details on terrariums or reptile pet ides you can search online or visit your local library for a book or two.