Starter Supplies for Your Aquarium

Having fish can be a great way to teach your kid's responsibility or simply a peaceful addition to your home for personal enjoyment. Beginning with a 20 to 30 gallon for freshwater fish is advised. This is a helpful size to keep a good array of fish while being able to maintain a stable and healthy environment for your fish. There are some basic items that will be needed for your aquarium.

These items include a filtration system, light source, thermometer, cleaning supplies, air pump and gravel. The exact type of supplies you need vary depending on your fish. If your fish require a specific temperature you will need to add a heater to your list. Food and plants are also required. You can go with plastic plants or live plants.

Living plants require a specific wattage while plastic plants are fine with fluorescent lighting. You will need a water conditioner to remove chlorine as well. All of these items can be found easily. You have several ways to shop for them. You can shop online, a local pet store or even other local stores including major grocery chains offer fish and supplies. Your best bet is to study the fish you desire to have. Knowing what they eat and their nutritional needs is very important.

Also understanding the environment needs such as light and temperature is key as well. Once you know what your fish need you can prepare a list and go shopping. You can even ask a professional online through email or by a quick call to the pet shop for a list of the items you need. Remember that what your fish need for optimal health is really all that is required. Understanding this will help you to be on your way to setting up a healthy fish aquarium in your home or business.