What you Need to Know about Aquarium Heaters

Heaters are necessary to maintain tropical fish. Before your purchase your heater however, you should make sure that the filters and heater would fit into your aquarium without taking up unnecessary space. If you purchased a small tank, you will need to purchase filters and a heater than will accommodate the tank; otherwise, you may need to purchase a larger tank.

Aquarium heaters are often the first type of equipment that show signs of trouble in the aquarium, and even aquarists using expensive heaters will most likely experience heater failure sooner or later. To safe guard against this, many aquarists purchase two heaters instead of just one.

Aquarium heaters are used in a number of different wattage last. The number of watts aquarium heater will determine how much heat can be generated. Aquarium heaters are totally unsuitable for outdoor use; should they break due to harsh weather, live electrical wires are left lying in wet snow. In recent years, more energy efficient models of de-icers have appeared on the market.

Aquarium heaters are available in hang-on and submersible varieties. Submersible models are attached to the aquarium glass with suction cups. Aquarium heaters are rated for volume of liquid and for temperature differential.

If you want to heat 20 gallons of water (include the volume of liquid in your fermenter in your calculations) about 10 degrees over the average room temperature, you should buy an aquarium heater of 200- 300 watts. Aquarium heaters are just too dirt-cheap against the utopian prices of good refrigeration machines. The catfish tank is not illuminated either, what catfish loves the glaring light?

Aquarium heaters are designed to turn off when the desired temperature is met. The use of a heating pad for warming water may also put you and your family at great risk of shock or fire so please use caution and purchase the proper equipment. Aquarium heaters are essential equipment in the tropical marine aquarium hobby.