Aquarium Fish Food Tips

A balanced diet for your aquarium fish is crucial to thier success. The vast majority of commercially accessible dry fish foods are nearly always unbalanced. Most of the time, the vitamin content will gradually decrease at room temperature and since the majority of the dry food for exotic fish widely used will only keep for about 90 days, it usually is a good idea to buy fish-feeds in numerous small packs instead of in a single large pack. Watching fish from the ease of your own pc monitor is as easy as downloading these moving screensavers for free!

The feed could preferably be kept completely dry inside a refrigerator. However, all fish appreciate a change of diet and definitely will thank you for your concern with more fascinating behavior, much better colors, as well as greater readiness to breed and improved general well -being. This change of diet should be supplemented with live foods; most of which now come in irradiated freeze dried forms to make sure that they are disease free.

Let me talk about a couple of foods that could be found handy in some major aquarium retailers I will group these into two groups. They are flake foods and freeze-dried foods

Flake foods

The most widely used and strongly recommended brand names are Aquarian®, Tetra®, and Wardley®. These are varying on price and quality. Wardley is the least expensive one of the 3. Having said that, the Aquarian and Tetra are richer in specialty flakes compared to Wardley.

Freeze-dried foods

You will also find freeze-dried foods obtainable in aquarium shops. These are beloved foods for aquarium tank fish. They've single animal-ingredients such as mosquito larvae, blood worms and Tubifex worm. Aquarists ought to be aware that freeze-foods aren't by themselves a complete diet but they can be coupled with flake food or other forms of freeze-dried foods to help round out the diet regime and at the same time make it more enjoyable for the fish. Let us discuss more about Tubifex as a popular freeze-dried food.


This is usually a classic favored food relished by most fishes. They are tiny red worms that live at the bottom of streams and rivers particularly where large amounts of organic matter exist. For that reason, it is difficult for the aquarist to gather them live from their habitat. Therefore, it is preferable to buy Tubifex from pet shops where they are already clean, freeze-dried and concentrated into cube forms.

From general observations, Tubifex cubes could probably function as the most thrilling feed to utilize for fishes. The cube can be stuck on the front inside wall of the aquarium tank. The fishes within the tank will instantly come forward and bite away pieces of worms excitedly till content. You needn't take the trouble to take out the rest of the worms given that they rarely pollute the aquarium and in most cases the fish come back to the feed over and over till they get their fill.

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