Aquarium Fish Health: Handling Cotton Mouth Disease (Mouth Fungus)

Cotton Mouth disease also know as Mouth Fungus is a ailment your fish may get and it has to get handled quickly. Cotton Mouth disease isn't as common as the white spot disease, however, it is extremely infectious and also contagious.

The victim fish exhibits a whitish fungus surrounding the cheeks and lips. The lips could become enlarged and decay away. Sometimes a rotten strip of lip attached only at one end will move in and out of the mouth area as the fish breathes. Free moving screensavers can become a good alternative to sustaining the upkeep of fish while still enabaling you to enjoy the natural beauty and wonder of fish life right from your computer. Download and install yours today!

Fish who have contracted Mouth Fungus lose their hunger and their motion become slower. If no sufficient treatment is given, the entire frontal part of the head could possibly be eaten away finally and the fish passes away.

Unless the affected fish is of consideration value, it should be killed before this deadly disease attacks the other occupants, within the tank. Consider this... is trying to save the life of just one fish worth risking the death of all of those other fish in the tank?

However, if you insist on trying to keep the fish or perhaps in case the infection has already been passed on to other occupants, the next treatment methods are recommended:

- Swabbing the mouth area of the victim fish with a soft cloth dipped in strong salt solution. You then will have to keep the partiot singled out inside a suitable container or jar that contains a powerful salt water.

- Try swabbing the lips with a five % silver mercury preparation.

- Make a solution of Terramycin or Aureomycuin simply by dissolving 50mg per gallon of water, a rapid treatment is anticipated within two days.

You can test all of the above treatments, but the most widespread therapy is the popular Methylene blue solution. To do this particular therapy the ill fish needs to be placed in a jar, bucket or perhaps a treatment tank into which has been added a methylene blue solution to color the water deep blue.

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