Aquarium Pumps Explained – Basics Of Using Them

Aquarium Pumps Explained - Basics Of Using Them
By Abhishek Agarwal

Though it is not necessary to have an aquarium pump it is still useful as it provides lots of oxygen to the fish. The pump is attached to a long stone which has many small holes in it and is connected by a lengthy tube. Bubbles are created in the water by the pump which provides lots of oxygen to the fish.

The bubbles created provide an attractive look to the aquarium. Aquarium pumps come as decorative pieces like treasure chests which open. Aquarium pumps may also come in the form of statuettes, and maybe even pirates, to give your home aquarium a better look! These pumps are expensive but are worth installing in an aquarium and are easily available. When you buy a pump make sure that the tube is of special plastic. Some types of plastic will begin to fade and may even react after being exposed to water at a specific temperature. Make sure the paint(if on the statue or tube) is non-toxic. These are very vital for maintenance of the health of the fish.

Aquarium pumps though expensive are quite easy to buy. A pump can be sued for decorative purposes and for generating oxygen. Some fishes like cichlids do not like too many bubbles in their surroundings like most fishes and pumps can be used as decorative pieces in the glass tanks.

When you buy a pump for your aquarium just make sure that you get not only the statue but also the hose and the free plug socket that goes with it. Large amount of power is used by aquariums and this will add to the greens of your electric bills. Maintain the statue and the long rock along with the pump well and prevent blockages to allow the free flow of bubbles. This will ease things out with its working and you can use it for a longer time than made for. Clean the pump regularly to prevent blockages. Blockages can be damaging to your aquarium over a few days of its presence and it can even kill them if you are not the keen observer of your fish. They prevent easy entry of oxygen into the water and thus suffocate the fish.

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