Basic Information On Aquarium Tanks

Any new aquarium tank should first get a thorough evaluation to make sure that it's watertight. If after 12 hours there aren't any leaks, it can be emptied and put into its final location.

At this point all is ready to set up the fish tank. For this work we shall require various items such as sand, rocks etc. These are going to be addressed in order. For making a bottom soil, you need first of all some sand. The most suitable is called 1/16th grade which is about the size of the common pin-head. The gravel to be used also needs to be grated; that is, the gram should be of uniform size. Sand and gravels bought from aquarium supply stores will always be grated, but if you purchase elsewhere they might not be. Gravel grains 2-5mm work best.

If you utilize only sand it must be well washed-in buckets under running water until no more dirt or foam comes to the top - and spread out on the bottom of the fish tank in a layer running from 3- 6cm thick sloping up-wards from front to back. If you decide to mix the sand with gravel make at the least a layer 6cm deep atop the subgravel filter since under this amount cuts down on the filtering capacity of the fish tank. In case you just can't wait to begin enjoying the beauty of watching fish yet don't wan't to rush things then give some thought to downloading one of these fish free moving screensavers!

Your tank is the basic element, and is the most significant factor to think about in constructing a fish tank. The size of the tank depends on the number and size of fish you want to possess inside. That's the reason proper planning is very essential when you wish to create fish tank. At the same time it is important to make it as large as you can afford. By all means avoid a globe tank wherever possible. Rectangle shape is always good due to various reasons you'll discover later on.

Option 1: You can purchase premade glass tanks already sealed professionally at any aquarium store.

Option 2: Buy ready-made plastic models through distributors or mould-extrusion manufacturers and put your aquarium tank together by yourself. Below are the various tools you'll need.


- Sheet of glass (4mm to 12mm)

- Silicone sealant (clear and transparent)

- Silicone gun or (syringe)

- Dulling stove

- Tape rule

- Sheet of paper, ruler, pencil and eraser

- napkin (x2)

- newspaper

- hand glove (rubber type)

- methylated spirit

- blade

- knife

- toilet soap case

- masking tape

- flat bench (created using plywood)

- 1/4 flash

- water and siphon hose

- buckets (x2)

- polythese sheet about how big the table

Apart from that, here are 12 essential fish tank tips. Here are ideas to get a great start on your way to having a beautiful fish tank filled with happy as well as healthy fish that you may be happy with:

1. Location of the tank in a spot which is draft free and has a moderate amount of lumination for 8-10 hours. This tends to ensure the basic safety of the tank and the inhabitants.

2. Location of the aquarium tank where water spillage is going to do no damage, at a elevation convenient for working, and in a spot where it won't have to be relocated.

3. Proper sand gravel (not too big, not too fine).

4. Conditioned water - free of chlorine, dirt, excess hardness, excess acidity, or excess alkalinity. Hard, acidic, dirty water isn't suited to a fish tank. It'll make life miserable for fish and results in constant fish death.

5. Availability of vegetation properly placed is extremely essential.

6. Proper, even temperature for the fish.

7. Decoration and furnishing should you desire them.

8. Aeration to supply additional oxygen.

9. Filtration to get rid of excess waste material.

10. Choose fish that will live peacefully together.

11. Appropriate food choices  to keep them healthy.

12. Kits and utensils to make maintenance easy.

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