BiOrb Aquariums : Better For Your Fish And For You

If you are considering getting a new tank or aquarium for your fish, then you may wish to consider the benefits of a BiOrb Aquarium. This is an aquarium that utilizes technology to provide the best possible environment for your fish while reducing the amount of work you have to do to maintain the tank, meaning you reap many benefits through having one. The BiOrb Aquarium comes in a range of sizes and there is a variety of accessories available.

Cleaning out the fish tank is not a fun job, but you’ll have to do it less with a BiOrb Aquarium as these are designed so you only have to change the filter in the tank once every six weeks. It’s also really easy to change, making it absolutely stress free. This benefit is achieved through a five stage process of water optimization. The stages are biological, mechanical and chemical filtration, coupled with water stabilizers and 100% water oxygenation, meaning your water will be clear and pure.

The fact that BiOrb Aquariums are so low maintenance adds to the benefits of the water optimization process. The ceramic plate located at the bottom of the tank provides a great place for beneficial filter bacteria to thrive somewhere they won’t be disturbed, while the water optimization process means that there’ll be less scum and harmful bacteria building up on the sides of the tank. So, not only will you not have to change the filter as often, you won’t have to clean the tank so much, either.

There are also many benefits associated with the shape of BiOrb Aquariums. The bowl shape is, on a purely aesthetic note, much more attractive than traditional rectangular ones. The fish also have more room to move around due to the increased water capacity. They’ll also be in a great environment as there is a bubble tube designed to keep oxygen levels at optimum through an air-powered filtration system. Independent studies also show the dome bowl has higher oxygenation levels than rectangular aquariums.

If you buy a BiOrb aquarium, you can also benefit from the great range of accessories available. These include a thermometer for measuring water temperature, a timer that reminds you to feed you fish and an aquarium stand so you can showcase your fish. There are also great benefits to be had in the cartridge based filtration system that is designed to safely eliminate any organic waste produced by uneaten food and the fish. This effectively keeps the water clear and the fish healthy.

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