Juwel Vision 260 Aquarium – A Beautifully Engineered Curved Glass Aquarium

The Juwel Vision 260 is a top of the range aquarium that is part of Juwels best selling aquarium range, the Juwel Vision. The Vision 180 is manufactured by Juwel who are Europe’s biggest specialist aquarium manufacturer with nearly 45 years experience. Juwel aquariums are magnificently designed and superbly engineered and thanks to this each Juwel aquarium, including the Juwel Vision 260 comes with a 2 year manufacturers warranty.

The Juwel Vision 260 Aquarium itself has a giftedly crafted bow front exterior. The aquarium is the mid-market option within the Juwel Vision range placed between the similarly impressive Vision 180 and the spectacular Vision 450. The Juwel Vision 260 aquarium has measurements of 121 x 46 x 62cm and has a volume of roughly 260 litres. One of the biggest benefits of purchasing the Vision 260 is the fact it is ready to use straight away. The Juwel Vision 260 aquarium is equipped with 1x High-Lite Light Unit 120cm, 2x 54W, 1x Pump Set Bioflow 1000 and 1x Heater 200 Watt.

The heating system that comes with the Juwel Vision 260 Aquarium is well suited to aquariums that have a maximum volume of approximately 300 litres. It has special holders to enable it to work together with the Juwel filter system.

The filter system that is supplied with the Vision 260 is the biggest filter system in its class. It comes with a pump that can pump around 600 litres per hour as well as a series of filter pads and sponges to efficiently clean the water. The High-Lite system in place is the newest technology from Juwel. It utilises the older tube lengths of the T8 with the latest vivid T5 technology. These tubes are fitted along the whole lengths of the Vision 260 which maximises illumination.

Overall the Juwel Vision 260 Aquarium is a very eye catching aquarium and would be a great pick for anybody thinking about ordering a medium sized aquarium.

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