Keep Out Of Trouble When Buying Neon Tetras


Neon tetra fish are among the most popular aquarium fish because of their bright colors, high activity level, inexpensive and ability to be in a community fish tank.

But there are some pitfalls if you want to successfully keep your neon tetra fish, I am going to describe what to look out for and how to avoid those.

Most importantly we need to investigate how there neon tetra's should be treated in respect of pH, dH and the proper temperature range.

We need to obtain this information from somewhere, were do we find this important information. Well simply ask in the fish store or perform a search on the Internet. But I want to take this a bit further, because in order to find the optimal environment we need to look at from where they originate which are Western Brazil, Eastern Peru and South-eastern Colombia. The rivers has a little acidic water ( 5.0-7.0 pH), water softness (1-2 dH) and a temperature of 68 to 80 fahrenheit.

You purchase a chemistry set for water adjustment and the best and most stable heater, setting up your aqaurium for the optimal environment and buy 8 fresh neon fish from a online store. And you just made your first mistake!.

Within 48 hours all has died or maybe a few of them survived, what caused this??

Even though you prepared your aquarium water for the most optimal condition you need to know how they were kept at the fish store. It happened because the water they were in at the fish store was not optimal, meaning they could not acclimatize fast enough.

Suitable fish tanks would be at least 24 inches, even though they are small fish they need space and you should always buy at least 6-8 neon tetra’s because they are shoaling species. Meaning if you buy only a few neon fish they can suffer of stress symptom resulting in death!

By keeping a group of neon tetra's you will get a better experience with them because they will be more active and you will really see the extra ordinary colors they have.

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