Saltwater Aquarium Setup

Setting up a saltwater aquarium does not take a lot of effort other than preparation. Choose your tank material, size and style. Choose system set up such as filtration, lighting and power. Choose your substrate nitrogen cycling process. Choose the fish species and learn how to care for each type.

Choose care items, reef, plant life etc. Learn about fish disease, care and treatment. Learn about water PH and temperatures needed. Once these areas are completed you can begin the true set up process. You will first want to clean your aquarium with freshwater and a sponge.

Apply your background or paint the exterior. Put your stand in place and level it. Then place aquarium on stands and level it. Prepare any additional steps as suggested by the kit instructions. Fill, use dechlorinator, and set up filtration system and so on.

Detailed instructions for a step-by-step process are located in aquarium kit or available online. You can also speak with a pet store representative for assistance. Some pet stores will offer the assistance of an experienced aquarium set up with the purchase of an aquarium.

Speak to your local store representative for details. Once your tank or aquarium is set up and functioning it is simply a matter of maintenance form then on out. Cleaning of your tank is important to keep fish fecal matter from causing illnesses or from clogging your filtration system.

The use of a blenny can help prevent excessive algae buildup, as this is the creatures diet. You will find that over time it’s simply a part of your routine and that joy surpasses work with your aquarium.