The Most Essential Fish Tank Accessories and Supplies

Many supplies and accessories are marketed for your fish tank.

Some are for life preservation, others for cleanliness and purity and still others for aesthetics.

Among these, only a few are considered essentials, many only a few are those items absolutely necessary for proper function of the aquarium and maintaining the interior environment..

Below is a list of essential fish tank survival items, followed by a brief explanation as to why they are essential:

  • Filter: This regulates water temperature and maintains cleanliness and freshness of water, which is required for the health of marine life.
  • Pump: Some aquariums (especially the larger ones) offer room and accommodation for pumps for water purification.
  • Illuminated light: Illumination also serves to keep marine healthy and active, as long as it is not too bright. Also, the light is needed so observers can view the contents of the aquarium with difficulty.
  • Soil, Dirt: The bottom material should match the requirements of the marine. For example, whatever substance is necessary to facilitate the incubation of eggs.
  • Flora: Certain flora, such as algae, disperses certain nutrients into the water to enhance breathing conditions and sustenance for marine life.
  • Fish Food: This provides sustenance for fish. Other forms of food such as tiny worms are also available for acquisition.
  • Accessories: Certain features, such as large fossil-rocks, provide shade and privacy for certain species of fish. This should be provided as well.

If all these items are supplied for your fish tank, the environment will indeed be complete and livable for all forms of marine life.

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