Tips On Cleaning Tropical Fish Tanks

Tropical fish do require different care than traditional fresh water fish varieties. However, one thing is true for both fresh water tanks and tropical fish tanks…they both require regular maintenance! Use these helpful tips to get through your cleaning, without problems.

1. Always remember to buy the correct size of siphon or vacuum for your tank. If you’re trying to clean a 10 gallon tank with a vacuum meant for a 30 gallon tank, you’ll likely remove more than you really need. In contrast, cleaning a 30 gallon tank with a tiny vacuum could take forever.

2. While some experts say you don’t need to remove all gravel each time you clean the tank, it’s essential you at least clean your gravel vacuum after each use. A vacuum gravel cleaner can collect bacteria or disease if you don’t clean it with hot water after you’ve finished cleaning your tank.

3. In addition, be sure to wash your hands well before handling tropical fish tanks. Any lotions or dirt on your hands could harm the fish.

4. Always use a thermometer when adding new water to a tank. Luke warm to a human will feel hot or boiling to a fish. So, it’s very important to get your replacement water to the proper temperature before adding it to the tank.

5. Never replace more than one third to one fourth of the water in your tank at a time. If you do replace more, your fish could die from nitrification.

6. Never forget to clean your filter regularly!

7. If you don’t need to remove your fish (which you shouldn’t need to for a routine cleaning), don’t! Removing a fish without justifiable cause can make them sick.