Treatment Of Illnesses For Betta Fish

In the entry below, I've talked about the possible cause and treatments for most Betta diseases.  Before reviewing this article, make sure to review Betta Diseases so you can properly discover the type of sickness.  It will also teach you ways to safely take care of separating your Betta from the remaining fish and other sea creatures in a secure and relaxing (for your Betta) way.

When dispensing the treatments required, it is very important to dispense exactly the correct does.  It is vital that you know how much water is in your tank so you can provide the exact amount of medicine.

Betta Illness - Fungus
Take a look at Water for Bettas and Water Temperature for Betta Fish to learn about Betta fish water needs.  If you consistently add aquarium salt or Aquarisol to your fish tank when you replace your fish's water, you should never again have a fungus problem.  While fungus is contagious to the other fish, your Betta will make a full recovery if you begin treatment in the early stages.  When your Betta fish is cured, be sure to clean the entire fish tank thoroughly.

The best way to wipe out almost any type of fungus infections is to use Fungus Eliminator and BettaZing together.  You must use around 35-40 grains of Fungus Eliminator per half gallon of water.  When using BettaZing you are required to utilize 8 drops for every gallon of water.  Most neighborhood pet stores usually have both of these medicines.  If not, go online.

Betta Fish Illness - Ick
Ick is another extremely contageous disease that is easily prevented by adding Aquarisol and/or salt to your water regularly.  Ick requires treatment of the whole tank and all the fish inside it, since it spreads so quickly.

If you can, slightly raise (to around 85) the temperature of the water, either by using a light or a heater.  Deposit a single drop of Aquarisol for every gallon in your tank.  This should be administered every day until your Betta fish is better.  To be on the safe side, it's generally smart to do it for an additional day or two.  It shouldn't take more than three to five days to cure your Betta.

Betta Fish Disease - Fin Rot
Fin rot originates from dirty water or a dirty tank.  Your Betta won't get Fin Rot if you are good about cleaning and changing his water.  The good news is it is not contageous and is easily curable.  Your Betta fish's fins and/or tail will grow back, but could be shorter with another color.

If it has just begun, you can normally just administer Maracyn I and Maracy II together at half the recommended amount each.  Most local pet stores will sell Maracyn I and II.  Prior to putting them in your tank, the tablets need to be completely crushed.  Administer half the required dose of both medicines.  Be certain not to use too much!  Every full tablet is ok for a ten gallon fish tank, so if you have a five gallon fish tank, use one fourth of each medicine (not half!).

You may need something more powerful if the Fin or Tail rot is in the advanced stages.  You should utilize Tetracycline or Ampicillin.  You could have to get these medications online, since they may be harder to find at your pet shop.

Regardless of the treatment, it may be as many as 4 weeks before the fins or tail stop rotting and start to recover, so be vigilant and don't give up!  You should stop using the medication once you see your Betta fish's tail or fins begin to grow back.

Betta Illness - Velvet
Velvet is the largest killer of newborn Bettas.  Keeping your water sanitized with Aquarisol should prevent this illness from developing.  Velvet is extremely spreadable so you must use meds on the whole fish tank, but you still need to quarantine your Betta fish in a one gallon tank if it is infected with Velvet and your other fish look alright.  Use 12 drops of BettaZing per gallon of water, making sure to clean nets and put the tank in a dark place.

Betta Fish Disease - Popeye
Dirty water is the primery originator of Popeye, which comes from bacteria when you do not replace the water often enough.  Your Betta Fish will generally recover fully, although it is possible your Betta loses the eye if you caught it too late.  To treat Popeye, it is important to make sure the tank water is extremely clean.  Change the water every three days.  The antibiotic Ampicillin will work wonders, but can be tough to administer to smaller tanks because it comes in a capsule meant for a 10 gallon tank.  Make sure to use the proper dose every day for a full week AFTER the popeye disappears.

Betta Fish Illness - Dropsy
Black worms and other dirty or contaminated live foods can spread Dropsy.  The bacteria that causes Dropsy is contageous so be certain to separate your sick Betta fish.  Sometimes with a mild case your Betta may heal, but unfortunately there isn't a cure for Dropsy.

Betta Disease - Tuberculoses
This is thought to be caused by unclean live food.  It could be as long as half a year before your Betta shows outward signs of infection.  Unfortunately, not only is there no treatment, but it is extremely spreadable, dangerous to other fish, and difficult to get rid of.  You will most likely have to dispose of your bowl, tank, fish net, and all other gear because even bleach doesn't destroy it.


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