Tropical Fish Tank Maintenance Tips

After you finally get your saltwater tank all set up and full of beautiful fish, you’ll need to create a maintenance schedule for your tank. Saltwater tropical fish tank require similar maintenance to freshwater tanks. Use these tips to keep your tank clear and your fish healthy!

1. Be sure to change ¼ of your tank’s water each month. You can do this at one time or you can do smaller water changes throughout the month. Most tropical fish prefer you to make several smaller water changes throughout the month, to avoid PH shock. By changing your water in small increments you’ll help reduce nitrates and phosphates, which can harm your aquarium environment and your fish. Always be sure your replacement water is the same salinity, temperature and PH of the water you’re removing.

2. Once a month you should clean your filter and protein skimmers. These items are vital to keeping your water clean and the tank free of pollutants. If you don’t clean them monthly you’ll find yourself with a tank full of nitrates, phosphates, algae and unhealthy fish.

3. Every two months you should take the time to clean all pumps and power heads. This will help their flow levels stay clear and working properly. If you use dirty pumps heat can be radiated into the tank and be dangerous for the fish.

4. Be sure to never use harsh chemicals when cleaning your tank, decorations or any pumps and filters. Chemical residues may not completely rinse off during cleaning and you may find your fish dead after introducing the “cleaned” item back into the tank. You can purchase specific aquarium cleaning solutions or use water and an extremely small amount of simple vinegar.