Aquarium Heaters – Turn Up The Heat!

Aquarium Heaters - Turn Up The Heat!

Aquarium Heaters - Turn Up The Heat!

Author: Abhishek Agarwal

Both salt water and fresh water fish are species of tropical fish. They only survive in water of the right temperature. Hence the aquarium has to be equipped with heaters to keep the water warm. If you have Goldfish, then you don't have to bother with heaters as goldfish survive in cold water. With the onset of winter, fish shops are inundated with frantic calls from people asking about the cause of the sudden death of their fish or sometimes about the queer behavior of the fish. The reason for this is that they have forgotten to turn up their fish tank heaters! People do not notice their house getting cooler in winter. Consequently the water of the aquarium also becomes cool so it is imperative that the temperature is adjusted with the help of a heater at such times. The temperature factor is so critical to the survival of the fish that even if the mercury dips just one degree in twenty four hours, the fish get a disease called "ich" which could kill the fish outright!

You must consider all the options before you buy a heater. Very cheap heaters are of course available but they will probably not be reliable and could break, or the thermostat may not be working properly to regulate the tank's temperature or a heat setting may not be available. Most of the people go for mid priced heaters, as they often give you your money's worth. The heaters have thermostats which are semi decent and work reasonably well for about six months at least. After this period, you may have to change it as its heating element mostly won't function properly thereafter.

It is of utmost importance to check your heater once every two weeks and to check the water temperature of the tank daily. Only then can you rest assured that your fish are fine. If the water gets too warm, the fish will get boiled and if it gets too cold, it will freeze their blood. So the temperature must be regulated properly.

The heater must be positioned near a filter as this facilitates distribution of the heat. This protects your fish from cold or hot spots! Do take care to see that you are well prepared with heaters for your aquarium for seasonal change in temperature and provide the essential warmth for your beloved fish this winter!

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