Happy Aquarium – Getting All The Achievements

Happy Aquarium - Getting All The Achievements

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Like any good video game, Happy Aquarium has a lot of fun diversions that allow you to engage with different aspects of game play on a competitive level. One of the more fun ways to do this is with Happy Aquarium achievements – the small medals you get for completing high level tasks that other players will look at with awe. You’ll find in many cases that the quick route to Level 40 is littered with things you can do that will reward you for your efforts – from mating to training to spending extra coins on all sorts of items for your tanks. Here are some tips to landing those elusive Happy Aquarium achievements.

What Happy Aquarium Achievements Are There?

There are currently twelve different achievements in Happy Aquarium that you can collect. Each achievement has four different levels – bronze, silver, gold, and star. These come in the forms of medals that you can collect and show off to your fellow players if you know where to put them. Many of these medals are relatively easy to get.

Most of them relate to just spending you coins. You’ll get medals for buying items for your tank, buying fish, buying different kinds of fish, buying gifts for friends and so on. You will also gain medals by mating your fish, training your fish, rescuing turtles and squid, and getting different kinds of fish up to adulthood. Basically, everything you already do in the game will be rewarded, but you have to do it all a LOT to get the medals for it.

Getting All the Happy Aquarium Achievements Quickly

To get the first level of achievements – the bronze accomplishment – you don’t need to do very much. Most bronze requirements can be reached before you hit level 10. However, the silver and beyond get much harder and the star level still has not been cracked by most players. So, you’ll need to be very dedicated and be able to complete as many tasks as possible each day when you login to the game.

If you’re interested in getting a large number of Happy Aquarium achievements, make sure you spend a great deal of time focusing on all of the aspects of the game. If you just buy and sell the same fish, you’ll never get the collection and mating achievements that should be relatively easy to snag. So, instead of lasering in, make sure to have some variety, getting as many fish as you can, mating them when you can and getting them all to adulthood without forgetting to feed them. You’d be surprised how fast you can get all the achievements you need.

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