Happy Aquarium – How To Train Your Fish?

Happy Aquarium - How To Train Your Fish?

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With a game like Happy Aquarium, you'll find yourself frequently stuck in hard places where you must determine how to progress. From the way you choose your fish to the different levels you'll be driving towards, you need to be sure that you can maintain your strategies over a long period of time. One of the fun things that CrowdStar has made easy to integrate into these strategies is to train your fish. If you are one of those people who love to train your fish but are having trouble doing it, here are some tips to help make the process much easier.

The Key to Train Your Fish

To train your fish with any kind of alacrity, you need to be sure that you spend as much time as possible doing it each day. You can only train a fish every 4 hours, but if you do it every four hours, you'll be able to get most, if not all of your fish set up with the full range of 7 tricks that are available in the game.

When it comes to actually training the fish, the training runthrough may seem tough, but it's really all about timing. Pay close attention to the way the game runs as you go through that obstacle course each time. Some of those obstacles need to be clicked on immediately while others need to be waited on until you are right in front of them. Watch how they open and close and how quickly they reset to build your timing up.

The Volume Limits When You Train Your Fish

When you run the training route, you get 3 tries before the timer is reset for 4 hours. This is a way to keep you from just doing it over and over again for more XP and coins. However, you can always run it with other fish and help to get all of your many fish trained in all four tanks. The XP gains can be significant and it's a fun way to spend your time when you logon each day.

If you train your fish in Happy Aquarium early on, you will be able to more easily feed those fish, gain some extra XP and coins every few hours, and ultimately have more fun with your fish. Along with naming and mating of those very same fish, this is a tool that will allow you to engage with those fish on a much more personal level. Don't miss your opportunity to push your game play to another level.

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  1. Carol

    I really need help! I litearlly just bought this Natural Ocean Reef Sand. As soon as I put this in my tank, do I put sink water or saltwater? I had a freshwater tank before so still learning about saltwater. I plan on buying the saltwater ready at Dallas North Aquarium. Thank you!


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