Aquarium Fish Concern- All About Start Up

Okay so you have decided that you want to own a fish tank. Great!  All you need to do is go to the pet store and pick out a tank and the prettiest fish in the store, and you are ready to go right?  Wrong!  Starting up an aquarium is a process.  It takes time and a lot of patience.  If you are a beginner, it is recommended that you start out with some hardy freshwater fish, but don't buy the fish just yet.  You need to set up the aquarium first.  Most aquarium retailers will sell an aquarium in the form of a kit.  This takes the guess work out of purchasing.

Disease Symptoms For Bettas

I am not a vet, and have no medical degree in diagnosing Bettas.  I am simply an enthusiast with over 20 years experience.    The information here comes from my own experience as well as reading I've completed, but I make no promise or guarantee about any of the info or cures below.

If you are not careful, your Betta can catch a number of illnesses.  You will usually be required to separate your Betta if it is sick.  This will allow you to safeguard your other fish in case the illness can spread.  be careful to not have an abrupt replace the water by utilizing water that has been left out and at a similar temperature for at least 6 hours.

Treatment Of Illnesses For Betta Fish

In the entry below, I've talked about the possible cause and treatments for most Betta diseases.  Before reviewing this article, make sure to review Betta Diseases so you can properly discover the type of sickness.  It will also teach you ways to safely take care of separating your Betta from the remaining fish and other sea creatures in a secure and relaxing (for your Betta) way.

When dispensing the treatments required, it is very important to dispense exactly the correct does.  It is vital that you know how much water is in your tank so you can provide the exact amount of medicine.

Acrylic Fish Tanks: What You Should Ask Before Purchasing One

Acrylic Fish Tanks: What You Should Ask Before Purchasing One

By Michael Singer

Are you interested in purchasing an acrylic fish tank? If so, you are defiantly not alone. Over the past few years, the popularity of acrylic fish tanks has, literally, skyrocketed in popularity. One of the many reasons for that popularity is strength. Acrylic aquariums are known as being stronger than traditional glass fish tanks. In addition to being stronger, acrylic fish tanks are clearer and lighter. These reasons are just a few of the many reasons why acrylic fish tanks come highly rated and recommended by fish keepers.

Key Issues To Consider In Picking Which Kind And Brand Of Fish Tank Filter To Buy

There exists a wide range of aquarium filters available in the market. The decision concerning a power, canister, or undergravel filter can be difficult. Not to mention, there's the filter brand to take into consideration as well as the capabilities of each type. Every one of these things tend to make filters seem complex. Still, there are some simple ideas to be sure every fish is going to be safe and happy. First, think about what a filter really does. It's there to provide fish the cleanest, safest environment possible by eliminating contaminants while permitting the owners to effortlessly maintain it.  Next, understand this common truth: ideal filters incorporate three methods of filtration. They are biological, chemical, and also mechanical filtration. Each one of these together keep tanks clean and toxin free.

Happy Aquarium – How To Train Your Fish?

Happy Aquarium - How To Train Your Fish?

Author: Happy Aquarium

With a game like Happy Aquarium, you'll find yourself frequently stuck in hard places where you must determine how to progress. From the way you choose your fish to the different levels you'll be driving towards, you need to be sure that you can maintain your strategies over a long period of time. One of the fun things that CrowdStar has made easy to integrate into these strategies is to train your fish. If you are one of those people who love to train your fish but are having trouble doing it, here are some tips to help make the process much easier.

Happy Aquarium – Getting All The Achievements

Happy Aquarium - Getting All The Achievements

Author: Happy Aquarium

Like any good video game, Happy Aquarium has a lot of fun diversions that allow you to engage with different aspects of game play on a competitive level. One of the more fun ways to do this is with Happy Aquarium achievements – the small medals you get for completing high level tasks that other players will look at with awe. You’ll find in many cases that the quick route to Level 40 is littered with things you can do that will reward you for your efforts – from mating to training to spending extra coins on all sorts of items for your tanks. Here are some tips to landing those elusive Happy Aquarium achievements.

BiOrb Aquariums : Better For Your Fish And For You

If you are considering getting a new tank or aquarium for your fish, then you may wish to consider the benefits of a BiOrb Aquarium. This is an aquarium that utilizes technology to provide the best possible environment for your fish while reducing the amount of work you have to do to maintain the tank, meaning you reap many benefits through having one. The BiOrb Aquarium comes in a range of sizes and there is a variety of accessories available.

Fresh Interest In Fish Tank Undergravel Filter

Why do you will need an aquarium filter?

When it comes to setting up your fish tank, the filter deserves main consideration, as it will be the main tool for maintaining great water excellent within the tank. The question that normally arises is, "What will be the best filter for a freshwater aquarium?"

Freshwater ponds and lakes of the world are significant enough to accomplish an ecological balance. By that I mean that they are in a position to reach equilibrium whereby the fish population adjusts according to conditions and fish excreta is all dealt with biologically and there's no develop up of ammonia, nitrites and nitrates generating the water poisonous to fish.

Keep Out Of Trouble When Buying Neon Tetras


Neon tetra fish are among the most popular aquarium fish because of their bright colors, high activity level, inexpensive and ability to be in a community fish tank.

But there are some pitfalls if you want to successfully keep your neon tetra fish, I am going to describe what to look out for and how to avoid those.

Most importantly we need to investigate how there neon tetra's should be treated in respect of pH, dH and the proper temperature range.

Salt Water Aquariums for Spectacular Colored Fish

Salt Water Aquariums for Spectacular Colored Fish

Author: Tyra Woods
A salt water aquarium is a fish tank that keeps submarine plants and animals in a contained ecosystem. Marine fishkeeping takes a different approach from its freshwater counterpart because of the essential differences in the constitution of saltwater and the resulting distinctions in the adaptation of its inhabitants.The inhabitants of a marine aquarium in many cases are hard to obtain and are generally higher cost compared to freshwater aquarium habitants. Nevertheless, the habitants of saltwater fish tanks are likely to be much more magnificent than freshwater tank fish.

Using the outstanding variety of gorgeous saltwater fish to select from, it is no surprise that so many collectors dream of keeping a a salt water aquarium.

Glass Aquariums

Glass Aquariums

Author: getahugetank
The Joy of Having A Glass aquarium
A lot of thought, preparation and effort should go into putting together a first-rate aquarium. Ideally you will create an aquarium that matches your house or apartment's décor, provides an interesting variety of aquatic life, and satisfies your aesthetic sense.

Seeing the colorful fish glide through their silent, lush miniature undersea world, almost like dancers in a tiny ballet, can be the perfect calming influence after a hectic and stressful day of work. For this reason one often finds aquariums not only in homes but also in the waiting rooms of doctors and dentist, in physiotherapy or massage therapy rooms, hospitals and psychiatric clinics, and even prisons.

Tropical Fish Tank Aquariums – How to Deal With Common Problems

Tropical Fish Tank Aquariums - How to Deal With Common Problems

The instance, you have finished installing your tropical fish tank then you will definitely want to take pleasure in this new hobby. Taking good care of a new tropical fish tank is fairly easy and simple; nevertheless there are a number of problems that might appear in a newly set up aquarium. All this may look perfectly OK, to you, for a short while but then you would realize that things are not perfect in any case. Soon, algae will begin to grow bit by bit and take over the whole aquarium, its only then that fish start to get sick and die and the newly set up fish tank doesn

Happy Aquarium – How Many Pearls Do You Need?

Happy Aquarium - How Many Pearls Do You Need?

Author: Happy Aquarium

Like every other Facebook game on the market, Happy Aquarium has its very own special currency that is hard to get and can help to buy some very rare, high level items and upgrades for your account. In this case, you'll be trying to get Happy Aquarium pearls. These pearls are not necessarily as hard to get in Happy Aquarium as they might be in some other games, but they are still tough and can be quite expensive if you decide to start buying them instead. So, to help you decide when and where to use them, and whether you need to buy any Happy Aquarium pearls, here are some tips.

Control Over Your Aquarium!

Control Over Your Aquarium!

Author: Paul Talbot

I believe that too many people start their aquariums with the aim of its inhabitants surviving. I would like to suggest that this hobby is now way past this simple aim. Due to the lack of information and technology aquariums once had a reputation as being hard to keep.

I have done some study into the mind set of the people that have the aquariums that thrive as a oppose to those that have aquariums that merely survive. I have found that it is more then a choice it to be able to see the aquarium with a new set of understandings.

Freshwater Fish Aquariums – How do i set it up?

Freshwater Fish Aquariums - How do i set it up?

Author: Toby Wells
Whatever fresh water fish you put in your aquarium make sure you take proper care of the fish and the cleanliness of their tanks. Freshwater fish aquariums house some of the most beautiful fish that you can have as an addition to your home, office or even place of worship! Probably the most common type of fresh water fish kept as a pet is the gold fish. Growing up there wasn

Turtle Aquariums-A Turtle Tank Set Up Differs From a Fish Tank!

Turtle Aquariums-A Turtle Tank Set Up Differs From a Fish Tank!

The home of your turtle is referred to as the housing or habitat, one of the vital necessities of your pet. There are two main types, namely indoor, referred to as a turtle aquarium, and outdoor housing, often a garden pond. Although the indoor enclosure has similarities with the fish aquarium, it is not the same. Novice turtle keepers should keep this information in mind.

One of the most important differences between the two is the water level containment. Fish are aquatic creatures surviving in water alone, while turtles need both land and water. For this reason, fish tanks are filled completely with water, while turtle tanks are only half filled. Different turtle species require their own precise amounts of water according to their size, and these amounts must be accurately calculated and rigorously maintained. Watch your turtle - it should have a high enough level of water to enjoy swimming, but the turtle should also be able to stand in some shallow areas of water, and have a rock or log to climb out and bask on to dry off.

Analysing Power Filters Together With Canister Aquarium Filters

Looking into precisely what filtration system you should make use of in your aquarium is an integral decision. You must have clean water, but you also need to make sure that your fish will be free from harm, and also the water is cleaned sufficiently. There are a few models as far as fish tank filters are involved. This information will look at the two popular options, canister, and power filters. Each model  is a good option, however each has its own positive and negativeattributes.

Wall Aquariums: What Are They?

Wall Aquariums: What Are They?

By Brittney Foster

Have you been searching for a new aquarium to display your fish in your home or office? If so, there is a good chance that you have come across aquariums which are known as wall aquariums. Have you? If so, they may have piqued your interest. After all, wall aquariums are rapidly increasing in popularity. Each year, a relatively large number of individuals make the decision to purchase wall aquariums for their home or their office. Although you might assume that wall aquariums are pretty self explanatory, you may find that they are not. This is because, like many other aquariums, wall aquariums come in a number of different sizes, shapes, and styles.

Don't Keep An Aquarium Without A Heater – Here's Why

Don't Keep An Aquarium Without A Heater - Here's Why

Author: Kyle Montgomery

A heater is one of the most important pieces of aquarium equipment. Unfortunately the aquarium heater is all to often over looked or misused in the aquarium hobby.

If you are keeping any kind of tropical fish they are used to being kept at tropical temperatures in the high seventies or above with little fluctuation throughout the day. There are some species of cold water fish such as goldfish, that require no heater as they prefer colder temperatures but most aquarium fish are tropical.