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The Most Essential Fish Tank Accessories and Supplies

Many supplies and accessories are marketed for your fish tank.

Some are for life preservation, others for cleanliness and purity and still others for aesthetics.

Among these, only a few are considered essentials, many only a few are those items absolutely necessary for proper function of the aquarium and maintaining the interior environment..

Below is a list of essential fish tank survival items, followed by a brief explanation as to why they are essential:

  • Filter: This regulates water temperature and maintains cleanliness and freshness of water, which is required for the health of marine life.

Common Tropical Fish Diseases

There are a number of common tropical fish diseases, some of which may occur in spite of careful husbandry. Among them are:

• Dropsy; this abdominal swelling is among the most common tropical fish diseases currently observed in residential fish tanks. The fish appears listless, it is bloated, and it ceases a majority of movement. Bacteria are to blame for this condition and while it is not always fatal, the outlook for fish suffering from dropsy is not good. Specially formulated anti bacterial water additives may be used in the early stages of the disease to reverse the effects.

Most Popular Saltwater Aquarium Fish For Amateur Tank Owners

Salt water fish are called marine fish by hobbyist to differentiate them from their freshwater cousins who are easier to keep. The beauty of saltwater aquarium fish can't be beat, and many people who maintain tanks make the decision to undertake the effort and cost required to own these fish in exchange for the stunning visual effects.

If you are in the market for a saltwater tank and wonder which among the top saltwater aquarium fish for hobbyists would be right up your ally.

A Wide Assortment Of Tropical Fish Species

It is interesting to note the various types of tropical fish species, strictly speaking, include both saltwater and freshwater fish. However, when most hobbyists refer to a wide array of types of tropical fish species, they generally speak of freshwater fish.

Such animals may be purchased from a specialty store or simply in a pet shop. Tropical fish are born and bred in captivity, so a wild fish is rarely introduced into the tank, and only for decoration.

The various types of tropical fish species which fall within the tetra family are frequent residents of residential fish tanks. They are beautifully colored, and hardy enough to survive occasional missed water changes, and changes in temperature.

Secrets To Keeping Your Tropical Fish Tank Clean

Excessive cleaning can get rid of the healthy bacteria required to break down the toxins and waste such as ammonia into harmless nitrates. Doing the water change incrementally helps prevent problems.

While changing the water weekly it is essential to keep in mind that only one third of the whole water should be removed. Otherwise the water chemistry might drastically get altered and cause harm to the fish.

Useful Information About Keeping Fish

Keeping fish is a popular hobby for a myriad of reasons, because fish are fun pets to keep and also exciting to learn about. There are many considerations that need to be made when it comes to setting upup your own fish keeping hobby, including selecting the tank aquarium, selecting the environment, choosing your fish and setting up the right accessories.

The initial step to setting up your aquarium is to decide what size aquarium you want to begin with. There a quite a few tank aquariums to choose from but even as a beginner, larger is usually better. So while you may be able to begin with a 10 gallon aquarium, the smallest that is recommended is closer to 25 or 30 gallons.

Keeping Tropical Fish Healthy

Sure, you may know the maintenance required to keep your tropical fish healthy and happy. You may be changing your filters regularly, cleaning all pumps and replacing water throughout the month. However, there are a few signs which can tell you if you’re doing a good job at keeping tropical fish healthy or not.

1. The fish’s eyes: One way to tell if your fish is healthy is by looking at its eyes. Healthy fish have bright and clear eyes, unless they characteristically have strange or odd-shaped eyes.

Growing Healthy Marine Aquarium Fish

Saltwater aquarium fish are some of the most interesting and captivating of the different kinds of fish that you can have in aquarium fish tanks. Saltwater fish come in such a vast array of colors and markings, shapes and sizes and truly make a dazzling display in fish aquariums.

They make stunning additions to fish aquariums and for many people, when they think about the most interesting and engaging home aquariums they have seen, they are remembering dazzling saltwater fish.

Tips On Cleaning Tropical Fish Tanks

Tropical fish do require different care than traditional fresh water fish varieties. However, one thing is true for both fresh water tanks and tropical fish tanks…they both require regular maintenance! Use these helpful tips to get through your cleaning, without problems.

1. Always remember to buy the correct size of siphon or vacuum for your tank. If you’re trying to clean a 10 gallon tank with a vacuum meant for a 30 gallon tank, you’ll likely remove more than you really need. In contrast, cleaning a 30 gallon tank with a tiny vacuum could take forever.

The Foods Your Fish Need to Stay Healthy

Food is an obvious necessity for keeping fish healthy in captivity as well as in the wild.

Nowadays it is possible to raise and even breed fish 100 percent with prepared foods purchased online, at the pet store or at the local grocery store.

The combination of nutrition and taste of today's prepared fish foods appeal to fish almost as much as live or frozen foods. There are many choices of prepared foods available for your tropical fish.

Dry Prepared Fish Foods

Tropical Fish and Aquarium Care Video Tutorials

There are many easy to follow tropical fish and aquarium care videos tutorial available on the internet.

Browsing through some of the videos is as easy as using the arrows on the video player below to skip forward to the next fish care video or back to the previous one.


Here are a few videos offering helpful advice on caring for tropical and saltwater aquarium fish.

The Top 10 Most Popular Tropical Fish Online

Tropical fish are beautiful and vibrant in color. They are unique in shape and size and habitat. The tranquility of watching fish bob along in the watery scene is peaceful.

The chance to see these fish in an aquarium is far more likely for most people then ever seeing them in nature.

The following fish are ranked the 10 most popular tropical fish online.

1.Angelfish (bicolor)


3.Butterfly fish

4.Cardinal fish

5.Clownfish (Nemo)




9.Saltwater eels

10.Dotty backs

Caring for Freshwater Fish

Learning to care for freshwater fish and your aquarium is not complex. Simply learning about the type of fish you want to care for and how to properly is what you really need. You can teach yourself how to care for a specific type of fish by searching online or by reading a book on your specific type of fish.

Being a Tropical Fish Hobbyist

First of all, you'll want to get a real history of fish keeping, so that you will know the best ways to tend to the species of fish you are interested in caring for. Fish keeping is believed to have begun thousands of years ago in Asian countries such as Japan and China, as well as several sections of Europe. Pools of carp were kept in ponds of the wealthy in Europe, mainly to be used as a meat substitute during religious holidays when meat was not allowed.

Fish care

The most important thing that counts in fish care is keeping the fish tank clean and clear. If it is not cleaned on a regular basis it can be the thriving ground of a many bacteria and can be dangerous for your fish. However never change all the water at once.

Fish get easily get used to the conditions of the water they live in. if all the water is changed at once then might get the shock of an extra clean environment which can be really fatal. Too much of cleaning can remove the good bacteria that are needed to break down the waste and toxins like ammonia into harmless nitrates.

Tropical fish

Tropical fish come in a variety of shapes and sizes and give your aquarium a great look. They are mainly kept for the home aquaria and can add a lot of brightness and color to your home.

There are varieties of tropical fish to choose from. You can opt for the wild-caught specimens, single species and also hybrids. There are also specially bred tropical fish for some physical features like long fins and different patterns and also colorations.