Why Aquarium Plants Are So Great

Aquarium plants are a common sight in freshwater fish tanks. The bright green colors are beautiful and provide a special backdrop where the striking shadings of the fish are emphasized and can be seen at their best.

Besides being attractive, aquarium plants are a crucial supplement to the air pump since they aid in oxygenating the water. Depending on their sizes, they also provide some hiding places for fish and other aquarium dwellers.

Another important benefit of having aquarium plants is the temperature regulation inside the tank. While it is true that the temperature fluctuations a tank may weather are only minuscule, the plants do have the power to shade fish from direct light.

In such instances they not only become hiding places for the fish, but the darker leaves also protect them from the damage of direct sun or lamplight. This protection is appropriate when light in the dome of the tank is too strong for the fish living in it.

Aquarium Plants have become so popular, that some hobbyists forgo the introduction of fish to a tank and instead simply keep the plants. This has the added benefit of not needing to worry about food and also such frequent water changes, although the tank still requires regular cleaning to remain largely algae free. To avoid harmful effects from overcrowding a tank with plants, you should use moderation in deciding how many plants to include.

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