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There are a great variety of quality fish foods in the market that you can choose from. It is essential to understand the dietary needs of your pet fish. You also need to get for yourself fish feeders suitable for your type of fish tanks. You can have automatic as well as manual fish feeders. These are absolutely hassle free and with minimal waste of fish feeding.

It is essential to understand the appetite of your fish and preference for fish food. Overfeeding can lead to serious health problems in your fish. You’re required to feed your fish only as much as they can eat in about three minutes.

After that you can continue to feed that amount one or two times per day. Fish tends to have a hungry look all day through but if you go by that and keep feeding it, much of the food will fall to the bottom of the tank. Afterwards this food gets decomposed and can lead to potential problems with water cleanliness.

Keep adding variety to your fish food. The fish get bored with the same food to eat day in and day out. Just as you would add spices and veggies and meat to your diet, you add some live worms and also some frozen and dried foods to fish’s diet. But be careful and don’t over do it and see to it that your fish don’t get fat. An excess of protein-rich diet with a lot of bloodworms can make your fish really fat.

Fish food if kept open, can get damp and have less nutritional value. A fish diet should have the adequate amounts of fat for energy and amino acids. Fish food must be such that it is readily digested to prevent build up of intestinal gas, renal failure and other types of infections. Aquatic diets especially for the carnivores should have vegetable matter like spirulina.

Keeping in check the ingredients of the fish food also helps in keeping away Aquarium pollution due to excessive ammonia. It is also essential to have carbohydrates in your fish food. It helps in tissue building.

There are mainly two kinds of fish food, prepared foods and live foods. Dry foods or flake foods are artificially manufactured fish food that is ideal for a lot of tropical and salt water fish. Flake foods can be preserved for a longer time as it has a longer shelf life. since these are baked, the moisture is removed and hence have better quality.

There are other types of prepared food like vacation foods, medicated fish food, freeze-dried frozen food. Vacation foods are designed to be placed inside the aquarium so that in the absence of the Aquarium owner the fishes don’t have to starve.

These are really good for the tropical fish. Medicated fish food is the most safe and effective way of delivering medication to fish. Whatever it be before buying your fish food don’t forget to make a detailed study of the kinds of fish food available in the market and which would suit your fish the most.

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