The Foods Your Fish Need to Stay Healthy

Food is an obvious necessity for keeping fish healthy in captivity as well as in the wild.

Nowadays it is possible to raise and even breed fish 100 percent with prepared foods purchased online, at the pet store or at the local grocery store.

The combination of nutrition and taste of today's prepared fish foods appeal to fish almost as much as live or frozen foods. There are many choices of prepared foods available for your tropical fish.

Dry Prepared Fish Foods

There are hundreds of flake, tablet, and "stick" foods for tropical fish on the market. There are general types of foods for mixtures of fishes, and there are also formulations for specific breeds that may be carnivorous, herbivorous, marine, and bottom-feeding, as well as even more specific foods for cichlids, goldfish, koi, guppies, and bettas.

BluefishThere are foods that float and some that sink, and there are others that are somewhere in between, sinking very slowly to allow all types of fish to feed.

Flake food typically contains a variety of types so that surface feeders and bottom feeders both get their share, while the mid-feeders catch the flakes while they slowly sink.

It is best to offer your tropical fish a variety of fish foods, both to prevent boredom and to make sure the fish are getting all the trace nutrients and mineral they need to thrive and grow.

Most often a combination of types of prepared dry foods work best for a community of aquarium fish. You can choose from flake foods, pellets, sticks and wafers.

By using a variety of brands and types of dry fish foods, you can provide your tropical fish with an interesting and nutritious diet.

Also, by alternating between several types of dried fish foods, you can prevent your fish from getting tired of one kind, and you can make sure to cover any nutritional deficiencies that might exist.

Learn More about Fish Food Options, like Freeze Dried Foods, Frozen Foods and Live Foods in the forthcoming Part Two of "The Foods Fish Need to Stay Healthy" series of articles. These types of foods have specific applications and should be understood and used carefully.

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