The Top Saltwater Aquarium Fish For Aquarists

Salt water fish are called marine fish by hobbyist to differentiate them from their freshwater cousins who are easier to keep. Of course, the natural beauty of the top saltwater aquarium fish for hobbyists is irresistible, and a good many tank owners are willing to brave the requirements in order to enjoy the spectacle of colors and sights.

If you are wondering which top saltwater aquarium fish might be up your alley, for starting a saltwater tank.

The lionfish is among the top saltwater aquarium fish for hobbyists. You should be very careful with this fish because of it's extremely poisonous spikes. Since this fish can grow to a very large size, it should be offered a large enough aquarium to live in.

Clownfish have become widely popular with the Pixar movie Finding Nemo. They are gorgeous, small, and very easy to maintain in the home tank. Remember that while clownfish are among the top saltwater aquarium fish for hobbyists, they must be kept together with sea anemones, with which they have a symbiotic relationship.

Dragonets are beautifully colored and hard to keep alive, unless you ensure that a steady stream of small invertebrates is available as a food source. Some professionals suggest that hobbyists provide a secondary habitat for these invertebrates, but if you are uncertain that the level of availability is perfect for your dragonets, then stocking your tank is a must to ensure continued survival.

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