Types Of Saltwater Fish For Aquariums

If you’re new to the saltwater world, you may think choosing types of saltwater fish for aquariums involves picking your favorite colors out. However, not all saltwater fish are compatible and knowing which fish live harmoniously with others is vital.

Predators And Prey

It’s common sense to know larger predatory fish will eat other small fish, so if you want to use Groupers, Hawks, Snappers and other predatory fish you might want to keep them in a tank all their own.

Territorial Fish

This problem almost always happens if you add a new fish to an established tank of fish. Usually when you add all new fish at one time, the fish will figure out their territories without too much problem. However, this is common when similar species of fish attack other species or types.

Mate Protection

Many times if you have a mated pair of fish, they will attack others. The same sexed fish will usually go after another same sex fish which you newly introduced. Thus, it’s wise to limit your tank to one specific mated species. It’s also vital for you to give the fish plenty of space to get away, if necessary.

Spawn Protective Fish

This can occur if you have a nest area, where the mother fish will protect her spawn from other fish which may stray into their area of nesting. You might want to keep all spawning fish in captivity so they will not be aggressive with your other species of fish.

Learning about the specific aggressive attitudes of various types of saltwater fish for aquariums is important to create a harmonious environment in your saltwater fish tank. In addition to thinking about their attitudes, you must also consider the different dietary needs of the fish you choose and the other requirements they need to thrive.

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