Types Of Saltwater Fish Tanks

Many people choose to set up saltwater fish tanks because they love the thought of being able to bring a bit of the sea into their home. There are many different choices when it comes to setting up saltwater fish tanks.

So, before you dive into the process be sure to consider your choices and create a plan of action. Choosing what type of saltwater fish tanks is the first step. Here are a few choices you’ll be facing!

You can always choose to setup a saltwater tank with only fish in it. This is an option many people choose; however it’s not the simplest overall option. If you only have fish in your tank, you’ll be forced to test the water more frequently. If you have other organisms (sea-life) in your tank, your tank’s nitrogen cycle will be shorter and it will be more self-maintaining.

If you’d like to create a more natural tank, you can choose to combine fish with live rocks. Live rocks are rocks with live organisms living without their surfaces. The creatures which live on these rocks help with the tank’s nitrogen cycle and help control the aquarium environment. They work similar to a filtration system, constantly helping to refresh the tank’s water.

Another type of saltwater fish tank is called a reef tank. These tanks focus mostly on coral and other reef structures. Fish can live in these tanks, but the main focus is the reef collection. It can be expensive to maintain this type of saltwater tanks and require experience and commitment.