A Wide Assortment Of Tropical Fish Species

It is interesting to note the various types of tropical fish species, strictly speaking, include both saltwater and freshwater fish. However, when most hobbyists refer to a wide array of types of tropical fish species, they generally speak of freshwater fish.

Such animals may be purchased from a specialty store or simply in a pet shop. Tropical fish are born and bred in captivity, so a wild fish is rarely introduced into the tank, and only for decoration.

The various types of tropical fish species which fall within the tetra family are frequent residents of residential fish tanks. They are beautifully colored, and hardy enough to survive occasional missed water changes, and changes in temperature.

Make sure the different types of tropical fish species get along before you put them together. If you don't make sure your fish are compatible, prepare for fights, fish loss, nipping, and diseased, injured fish which will spread to the rest of your tank.

When introducing a tropical fish into your home tank, speak with a store clerk about its conditions, what the maximum and minimum temperature ranges are, and what lighting is required.

Also, discuss food intake, and any nutritional deficiencies you observe with the tropical fish you buy. In some cases, water or food supplementation is required to ensure fish health, longevity, and also overall the health of the tank and other inhabitants.

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