Caring for Freshwater Fish

Learning to care for freshwater fish and your aquarium is not complex. Simply learning about the type of fish you want to care for and how to properly is what you really need. You can teach yourself how to care for a specific type of fish by searching online or by reading a book on your specific type of fish.

Understanding what your fish require in their environment such as heat, light, etc as well as what their nutritional needs are will keep your fish healthy and thriving. Knowing this information will allow you to understand what supplies you need for your fish. First choose an aquarium that is between 20 to 30 gallons or more especially if you want to keep a large amount of fish. You will need to choose between acrylic or glass aquariums.

Glass lasts longer as it does not scratch as easily and it is less expensive if it must be replaced. Acrylic tanks are better insulated but can cost three to five times more than a glass tank. The supplies needed for your fish will include the tank, a light, filter, cleaning supplies, aquarium hood, air pump, heater, aerator, rocks, thermometer and gravel.

Also needed are plants either plastic or living and fish food to your list. Be sure to know what types of food are best for your fish’s health. Also make sure your tank is supported properly and that your tropical fish are in a healthy location in your home or office. The health of your fish should always be your number one priority. Simply following these easy steps will allow you to care properly for your freshwater fish and provide them a good life.