Find Out How To Maintain Your Aquarium In A Good State

To maintain your aquarium in a good state is not an easy thing to do and it requires a certain knowledge and experience. If you have already had an aquarium in the past, you probably know that fish are vulnerable pets and tend to be infected and diseased sometimes, as well as cats, dogs and canaries.

The main factors causing your fish’s illnesses are the abrupt temperature changes, PH level drop, dirtying of the water with weeds’ particles and high ammonia and nitrite levels. There are many more reasons, provoking illnesses, but things, mentioned above, happen much more often and that is why they are considered to be important for you to know about them. Fish are very sensitive to stresses, which is why it is strongly not recommended to subject them to different factors, which can harm them.

However, the infection of your fish can be explained not only by under-maintenance, so you should check the state of your water and filters before accusing yourself of a bad care. There are colonies of bacteria, living in the water of your aquarium. These bacteria are not harmful for healthy fish, but if bacteria detect that one of the fish is weak, here comes troubles. As you know, different infections strike people with a weak immune system. The same thing happens to your fish. As soon as bacteria find an appropriate victim, they infect it and the ill fish usually dies.

There are cases, when it takes several days for infected fish to die. It is a very dangerous period for your aquarium, because other healthy fish can also be infected and your aquarium will be devastated after a loss of species. Therefore, it is extremely important to check the state of your aquarium and fish every day. If you see a weak fish or changes of the color of water, it is high time for you to ‘sound the alarm’. Transfer the weak fish to another fish tank or a jar, change the water in your fish tank and wash filters thoroughly.

There are several more ways of how the infection gets into your aquarium. You can even put it there yourself, without knowing it. Suppose, you have just bought a couple of new species and are tempted to let them into your aquarium to see how other species will accept them. Stop! Never let the fish in before you are sure that they are healthy! You can do it by putting them into separate small fish tank and watching their behavior for about a weak. If there is nothing strange about newcomers and they look healthy – let them in with a clear conscience. Take care of your fish and they will obviously pay you back.

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