Growing Healthy Marine Aquarium Fish

Saltwater aquarium fish are some of the most interesting and captivating of the different kinds of fish that you can have in aquarium fish tanks. Saltwater fish come in such a vast array of colors and markings, shapes and sizes and truly make a dazzling display in fish aquariums.

They make stunning additions to fish aquariums and for many people, when they think about the most interesting and engaging home aquariums they have seen, they are remembering dazzling saltwater fish.

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This is because saltwater fish are often considered exotic and have a really great look that outshines the freshwater fish species. Such bright colors, unique markings and unusual shapes help to evoke thoughts of being on a tropical island or a sun-drenched getaway.

The reason saltwater aquarium fish have a tendency to be more intensely colored and varied, is because they come from the wide open oceans. This environment gives them more space and ability to evolve. Also, the deeper waters that many of them are found in means the damaging rays of the sun have much less effect upon them.

This situation also tends to create watery environments that are more consistent and more stable than many freshwater environs. Rapid or drastic changes in the condition of the water is more rare in oceans, so the fish accustomed to such environments are overall less tolerant to these types of changes.

This also lends to the fact that saltwater aquarium fish are harder to care for because they don't have the wide range of environmental tolerance such as most freshwater fish do.

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A proper pH balance for saltwater aquarium fish is over 8.3, which means it is slightly on the acidic side. This is the natural pH balance of the water where these kinds of fish evolved. There are mixes available at tropical fish stores which allow you to prepare the water properly and when purchasing your saltwater fish, you should also be provided with information about providing the best environment for your new aquatic tropical aquarium dweller.

Saltwater aquarium fish also generally require more specifics in regard to their dietary needs as compared to their freshwater counterparts. Some saltwater fish are perfectly fine and well nourished with readily available flake food or pellet food options. Other types of saltwater fish are more picky and will only eat frozen dead food sources and some can only survive by eating live food sources.

Of course, the flaked, pelleted or stick varieties of food are cheaper and more convenient, but not all saltwater fish will accept such offerings. However, even if your saltwater fish normally eats pellet or flake food, it is suggested to occasionally provide them with live food as this can trigger fish behaviors that you would not otherwise be able to observe and enjoy.

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For those who are new to saltwater aquarium fish, it is best to start out with the most hardy, saltwater species that you can find. You should also start with the largest aquarium fish tanks you can afford. A larger sized aquarium means a greater volume of water, which translates into a more stable environment. Damsels are a good choice for first-time saltwater fish owners because they are hardy, affordable and easy to care for.

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