Steps That Must Be Done In Order To Make The Water In Aquarium Clear

Most people, having aquariums at home, are quite irresponsible about them. Of course, you don’t need much time and skill to go and buy a fish tank, all needed accessories and let the fish in. The most difficult part begins, when you compose an aquarium from all these parts and your fish get a new life and a new home.

If you have already had an aquarium or have it now, you have obviously gone through all stages of an aquarist, who is just at the beginning of his or her long way to an ideal aquarium. The first two problems most aquarists face on their way are greening and clouding of water.

The first problem can be easily solved by moving your fish tank to another place, which is not subjected to direct sunlight. The thing is, the greening of water is usually caused by the growing of algae on the walls of your fish tank and by the speedy growth of weeds. Firstly, remove algae from the walls of your fish tank with the help of a sponge or a special scraper you can buy in your local pet shop.

Then, take all weeds out of water and clean them carefully. Change a sponge in your filter (if you have a sponge filter of course) and let your fish back into aquarium. The second problem, clouding, can be much more serious than a greening. You shouldn’t panic if you see that the water in your aquarium is cloudy.

Worries never solve problems, so, the first step thing you have to undertake is to find out, why water has clouded. There are several steps, which must be done in order to make the water clear:

1. Remove the gravel out of your aquarium and check it. It happens that the particles of food and dirt accumulate in the bottom of a fish tank and the water suddenly gets cloudy. Wash the gravel thoroughly and boil it if possible. Place the gravel back to your fish tank.

2. Remember, when you replaced your aquarium filter last. If much has already gone since then, replace it with a new one, as powerful as possible.

3. Check the ammonia and nitrite levels with special measuring devices.

There are preventive measures you can take in order to stop clouding:

  • Never overfeed your species. The particles of uneaten food pollute the water
  • Don’t place your aquarium in a room, filled with sunlight the most part of the day
  • Change filters timely
  • Buy a catfish, eating the particles in the walls and in the bottom of your fish tank
  • Change water at least once a week
  • Use de-chlorinators if your water is disinfected by chlorine

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