The Types Of Aquariums

As well as any other hobby, aquariums require a great deal of attention and care. There are so many peculiarities and care requirements, typical of this or that breed of fish and that must be observed in order to have healthy fish. Most people start up aquariums, because they think that it is going to be the most suitable variant for occupied people, who have no time to care for cats and dogs.

It is the greatest delusion that can be imagined. You have to pay much more attention to your fish tank than you think. Moreover, there will be some unplanned investments into your fish tank, like additional filters, lighting equipment, new species, etc. The greatest difference between the maintenance of aquariums lies in their types.

There are two general types of aquariums – freshwater and saltwater aquariums. As you understand, there are a lot of factors to consider, when choosing the type of aquariums. Freshwater aquariums are very popular nowadays and this popularity is mostly predetermined by the simplicity in maintenance. When it comes to saltwater aquariums, we have to admit that they are much more difficult to be kept, because of specific conditions preferred by exotic species.

The first and the most important thing about the both types of aquariums is the acid-base level, also known as PH level of water. Fish are extremely sensitive to PH changes of water and can experience shock or even die because of these changes. Irrespectively of what type of aquarium you choose, you have to buy the PH measuring device in the first place.

Water hardness is one more factor that must be considered in definite cases. The thing is, there are several breeds of fish, which are intolerant of certain hardness rates. Anyway, there are ways to help you with the maintenance of the water on one and the same PH and hardness level. There are special PH buffers available in most of pet shops, so if you see that there are considerable changes of PH level, you can buy a buffer and normalize the situation.

The third important factor that can influence the health of your species is the temperature of water. It is necessary that you examine some literature of an aquarist and get the information on temperature preferences of fish.

Different breeds like different temperatures and if you don’t maintain the temperature average for all your species, or choose the fish that are not compatible, the problem will arise and you can lose the most beautiful species because of your carelessness. So, think twice before choosing the right type of aquarium for you, and if you are a business person and go on business trips often, you’d better choose a freshwater aquarium for your home.

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