Things You Need To Consider Before You Start a Saltwater Aquarium

If you have friends, who are lucky owners of saltwater aquariums, you must know what a delight it is to watch exotic colored species warping around a large fish tank with a clear water, exotic plants and beautiful background. It is not only a sight, which charms you, but it also soothes your nerves greatly. Therapeutic effect of aquariums has been known since the ancient times and saltwater exotic aquariums are not an exception.

If you are also going to start your own saltwater aquarium, the first thing you have to think of is the right choice of species for your fish tank. There are no doubts that it is great to go to the local pet shop with your entire family and choose the breeds you all like, but there can be a very delicate situation, when your children, for example, want to have incompatible breeds of fish in one and the same fish tank.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of beautiful fish, which cannot live together. They can damage or even kill one another. It narrows your fish ‘wish list’ greatly, but still there are a lot of wonderful species available for you.

As the PH and hardness levels of water are going to be either not sufficient or too high for your fish in the beginning, you’d better choose species, which are not that sensitive to these factors. Probably, they will be not as beautiful as other exotic fish, but they are a great choice especially in the beginning. In the course of time, when all water characteristics will be normalized, you can buy and let new fish in your aquarium.

The most interesting example of fish you can get for your aquarium is a molly. There is a wide range of colors and you can buy mollies of gold, silver, dalmatin and black colors. These fish have very beautiful fins and scales. The tails are also very long and beautiful, so that you cannot tear yourself from your aquarium – so beautiful it will be. You can buy mollies irrespectively of their gender, but you can buy up to two female fish for one male fish, which is a distinguishing characteristic of this breed.

One of the most interesting facts about mollies is that they are great gluttons. It means that there will be great quantity of recrements and food particles in your fish tank, which are to be timely removed to preserve the water clean and clear. You may need a good filter to do this, which can appear to be quite expensive, but still you cannot do without it. However, this small and unplanned investment is worth it and you will enjoy the most beautiful aquarium ever!

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