Top Tropical Fish Choices For Aquarists

If you've been researching fish tanks and tropical fish, you may already know the Guppy fish is likely the most popular tropical fish. While there are many types of tropical fish, the Guppy fish is one of the least expensive and most durable types. Guppy fish are unique due to their breeding capabilities.

They are extremely prolific and deliver live young. Found in the wild and in most parts of the world, the Guppy fish is the ideal choice for beginning aquarium owners. They are easy to maintain and care for and are non-aggressive.

Guppy fish come in a variety of types, including a few like, the Bottom and Double swordtail guppy, Fancy guppy, Fantail guppy, Lacetail guppy, Long fin guppy, Snakeskin guppy, the Veiltail guppy and varieties or Tetras.

Even a beginner can combine tropical fish such as guppies into a beautiful aquarium setting. However, it can be best to keep guppies together in a separate tank because other more aggressive fish can abuse their beautiful long tails.

To take care of Guppy fish, owners should feed them once or twice a day. Guppies, like other tropical fish, subsist on flaked fish food created for their dietary needs. It's vital not to over-feed Guppies. Tropical fish who are not eger for their food are being fed too much in the first place.

There are many kinds of Tetris fish, including one called the Paracheirodon Axelrodi. The fish has a common name known as Cardinal Tetra. This breed of fish will mature to a length of an inch and is indigenous to the Upper Rio Negro, Colombia, and Brazil.

Similar to the Neon Tetra in color this fish differs in that it has a broader spectrum of colors. The Cardinals are unlike Neon fish since Cardinals have red colors on their gill. The fish take nourishment from the water and need to have the same general environmental quality as that required by the Neon fish.