Tropical Fish Tank Cleaning Tips

Excessive cleaning can get rid of the healthy bacteria required to break down the toxins and waste such as ammonia into harmless nitrates. So it's best to avoid changing the water all water at once.

While changing the water weekly it is essential to keep in mind that only one third of the whole water should be removed. If not, then the chemical composition of the tank's water might change too abruptly, which could hurt your pets.

It is also a good idea to vacuum the gravel about once a week to remove food and other debris from the bed of the tank. It is required to regularly test the ammonia, nitrate and pH levels of the water. Consider, too, always keeping some kind of suitable cover atop the aquarium.

Fish care also involves avoiding fish to get stressed. If the level of stress in your fish increases then its ability to heal also falls. Fish can be stressed by improper water, cramping, bad mixing of species, low oxygen, bad nutrition, and sudden change.

Making sure the tank is not over crowded can help to keep the fish tank clean. You should know that no type of soap or detergent should be used when cleaning your fish tank. The amount of water removed should be replaced with de-chlorinated water of the same temperature as the water in the tank.

In order to keep the gravel in the tank clean, you should make sure you vacuum it about once a week. It is necessitated to analyze the ammonia, nitrate and pH levels of water repeatedly. Consider, too, always keeping some kind of suitable cover atop the aquarium.

One point to remember in caring for tropical fish is to avoid any activity that can over-stress them. Excessive stressing of temperamental tropical fish reduces their capacity for recovery. The main causes of stress in fish are unsuitable water, lack of physical space, wrong mixing of species, oxygen deficiency, poor nutrition, and sudden changes.

It is also important to place the aquarium in a suitable place to prevent any kind of temperature fluctuations. It is also an important part of fish care regime to maintain the water quality.