Useful Information About Keeping Fish

Keeping fish is a popular hobby for a myriad of reasons, because fish are fun pets to keep and also exciting to learn about. There are many considerations that need to be made when it comes to setting upup your own fish keeping hobby, including selecting the tank aquarium, selecting the environment, choosing your fish and setting up the right accessories.

The initial step to setting up your aquarium is to decide what size aquarium you want to begin with. There a quite a few tank aquariums to choose from but even as a beginner, larger is usually better. So while you may be able to begin with a 10 gallon aquarium, the smallest that is recommended is closer to 25 or 30 gallons.

Where are you going to put your aquarium? Ensure that you have adequatespace on a surface, or that you are prepared to buy an appropriate stand. If placing your aquarium on another piece of furniture, keep in mind that a single gallon of water weighs 8 lbs.

Most tank aquariums will already come with a basic light and a hood that will work on a general purpose basis unless you plan to grow a lot of aquatic plants. If your hood and light are not already running on a timer, it would be advantageous to purchase one when you buy your aquarium. Depending on the species of fish you keep, your aquarium lights should only run for between 8 and 10 hours a day for the best results.

Your aquarium will also require a filter and a heater. There are a few choices to consider, and the choices that you make for these pieces of equipment should hinge on what type of environment you are looking to create. Each filter type, as an example, has pros and cons associated with it.

Bio-Wheel filters are popular for small and medium sized aquariums. What you should consider when buying an aquarium filter is the gallons per hour flow that the filter has. Your GPH rating should be 2 times the size of the aquarium that you are purchasing for the best results.

Heaters are important if you need to keep the water above 78 degrees, which is essential for tropical species of fish.

Another important consideration to make is the substrate that you will use for your aquarium. If you are looking to create a tropical fish aquarium, then sand or gravel is usually ideal. Some species of fish tend to favour one or the other, so make sure that the fish you are going to buy will work well with the substrate that you want to use.

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